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Parliament of Victoria Legislative Assembly Daily Hansard Wednesday 6 February 2019Minister for Education, Mr James Merlino refers specifically to the University of Melbourne research and our recent paper in Child Development about the impacts of disasters on child academic progress. We are also expecting him to make an announcement this week about the Victorian government investment of $1million in support programs for schools in direct response to this article as well as funding to extend our research.

ABC Radio National – Life Matters:  Thursday 7 Feb 2019. Professor Lisa Gibbs and Dr Rob Gordon talking about the anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires and individual and community recovery over time.

ABC Radio National - Richard Aedy's The Money program. Thursday 7 Feb 2019 Professor Lisa Gibbs was one of 4 guests talking about the cost, legacy and effects of the fires – other guests were Michael Chesworth from Murrindindi Council, Karl Mallon from Climate Risk and an economist from Deakin

ABC Radio National – Breakfast with Fran Kelly: Thursday 7 Feb 2019. Dr Colin Gallagher, Swinburne Uni (Honorary Uni Melb) about the impact of disasters on personal relationships

ABC Radio – Mornings with Jon Faine: Wednesday 6 Feb 2019. Professor Lisa Gibbs with community member Kim Jeffs about the experience of disaster recovery for those who relocate

ABC Radio – Evenings with John Standish: Wednesday 6 Feb 2019. John Richardson, Australian Red Cross (Honorary Uni Melb) about disaster preparedness

ABC Radio Drive - Raf Epstein: Professor Lisa Gibbs about academic impacts of disasters on children (extracts used for ABC Radio News)

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Think Progress D.C.-based news outlet - Natural disasters impact children’s longterm learning abilities, new study suggests 

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